Festivals and Special Events



  • JAN / 01st: Mariners’ Procession for Nosso Senhor Bom Jesus dos Navegantes in Salvador.

  • Second Thursday of January: Procession and Washing of Bonfim in Salvador.

  • Last Sunday of January: São Lázaro Feast



  • FEB / 2nd: Yemanjá Feast: One of the most popular and crowdy during Salvador summer in Salvador Rio Vermelho neighborhood.



  • CARNAVAL (depending on Easter date)



  • Holly Week Friday: Dead Lord Procession. From Basilica Cathedral in Pelourinho through Historical District streets.

  • Holly Week Sunday: Solemn Mass in Basilica Cathedral in Pelourinho.



  • APR / 23rd: São Jorge procession



  • MAY / 10th: São Francisco Xavier, patron of Salvador



  • JUN / 04th to 13th: 13-day Prayer Vigil and Feast to Santo Antônio in the Church of Santo Antonio, Historical Center of Salvador.

  • JUN / 24th: The June Festivities. Main commemoration happens in Pelourinho with forros dancing, and music shows during several days.

  • JUN / 29th: São Pedro, protector of widows and fishermen ends the June Festivities.



  • JUL / 02nd: Celebrations of Bahia Independence Day.


AUGUST (African Ancestrality Month)

  • AUG / 13th to 17th: Festival in honor of Our Lady of Good Death: City of Cachoeira. One of the most important for both Catholic and Candomblé religions.

  • AUG / 16th: Festival in honor of São Roque and São Lázaro / Omolu in Salvador



  • SEP / 27th: São Cosme and São Damião Festival / Ibeji Twins in Salvador. September is traditional month for caruru dish to pay tribute to the Holly Twins.



  • OCT / 04th: São Francisco de Assis

  • OCT / 12th: Our Lady of Aparecida Feast Day

  • OCT / 28th: Festival in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary of Black Men in Pelourinho, Salvador.



  • NOV / 20th: Black Awareness Day

  • NOV / 25th: Baiana’s Day to pay tribute to the acarajé baianas with a mass in Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos church in Pelourinho.



  • DEC / 02nd: Samba Day: Historic District, Salvador.

  • DEC / 04th: Yansã / Oyá / Santa Bárbara procession in Pelourinho streets going to the firemen station.

  • DEC / 08th: Festival in honor of Our Lady of Conceição da Praia, patroness of Salvador, in her curch in Comercio district.

  • DEC / 24th: Christmas

  • DEC / 31st: New Year’s Eve with fireworks and concert at Barra Lighthouse


Fixed Events

  • Tuesdays of the Blessing (Terça da Bênção): 

    • Traditional Mass at São Francisco Church – Terreiro de Jesus

    • African Mass – Church of Our Lady of the Blacks, 

    • Thursdays on the Stairs of Passo Church Music Performance 

    • Music events on the main Pelourinho squares

    • Batucada (traditional drum bands) in Pelourinho streets.