• Internal calls
    • Reception: 100
    • Restaurant: 130
    • Fitness: 140
    • Panoramic Terrace Bar: 150
  • Room to Room
    • Dial 2, plus the room number
    • For example, to call apartment 03, dial 203, to call apartment 10, dial 210​
  • Outside calls: please ask reception to open the line
    • ​Local call (area code 71)
      • Dial 0, plus the local number (8 digits without 71)
    • Interstate calls (other area code than 71)
      • Dial 0031, plus the area code (2 digits), plus the telephone number (8 or 9 digits)
      • For example, to call São Paulo, dial:0031 11 xxxx xxxx
    • International calls
      • Dial 00031, plus the country code, plus the telephone number.



  • How to close the safe
    • You will find the safe opened
    • Close the door and lock it by entering a 4-digit number and press #
    • The word CLOSE will appear on the display​
  • How to open the safe
    • Enter the same 4-digit number
    • The door will open and the word OPEN will appear on the display​
  • Term of responsibility for safe useFor your own safety and comfort, we have an electronic free of charge safe inside the room, therefore we ask that all your private and value belonging stay inside it. Important: the Hotel casa do Amarelindo does not know the nature of the objects that may be stored in the safe deposit box of the rooms. Therefore, it is expressly agreed that:
    • Objects stored in the room safe deposit box are under the guest’s exclusive responsibility.
    • Under no circumstances may the Hotel be considered a depositary of the contents stored in its safe deposit boxes. Consequently, it does not undertake any responsibility whatsoever nor shall it be held hable in case of damage, disappearance, total or partial loss of any objects stored in its safe deposit boxes whatever their cause including act of God or force majeure.
    • Guests shall be fully responsible for all costs resulting from any such loss. The Hotel is expressly released from any and all liability for damages as well as for any damages that may result from any difficulty in opening its safe deposit boxes temporarily.
    • Storing any objects in the room safe deposit boxes implies the express acceptance of the above-mentioned terms.



Tap’s water passed through double filtration and is totally and safely drinkable. On arrival, the first bottle of mineral water is complimentary. Other ones can be found in the minibar at the published price.



Help us to conserve the environment: Leave towels you wish to re-use hung up or on the rack. Towels you leave on the floor will be washed


Remote controls

All rooms have three remote controls for: air conditioning system, LCD TV, and DVD player. Guests are responsible for the use of these controls, being obliged to let them in perfect condition of functioning when checking-out. Therefore, all costs resulting of damages or loss of these controls will be assumed by the guest, which will be charged of the corresponding substituting or repair value.


Energy savings

Help us in reducing unnecessary energy consumption: Turn off the Air Conditioning when the windows are opened; Don’t forget to turn off the lights of your room when going out.

In case you would like to let the Air Conditioning on, we recommend a 27°C temperature.



The items present in your room are provided as part of our commitment to the comfort of all guests.

Should you wish to acquire any of these, please contact our receptionist.


DVD library

At reception, is available at no cost a selection of DVD to assist with comfort in your room. Do not hesitate to consult our list of movies!