Check-in & check-out

  • Rooms are available as of 2.00 pm. If you arrive earlier and your room is not ready yet, please note that we have a full bathroom available next to the swimming-pool, giving you the possibility of having a shower on arrival, with fresh towels and amenities. Then we can keep your luggage in our luggage-room till your room is ready.
  • When leaving, you can keep your room until 11.00 am. If you wish to spend more time at the beach or in the city and enjoy the services of the hotel, you may use again the luggage room as well as the bathroom next to the pool to take a shower and to get changed before your departure.



  • For your comfort, all apartments at Casa do Amarelindo are non-smoking.
  • Smoking is permitted on individual private terraces and is tolerated in outdoor public areas provided you do not disturb other guests or customers.
  • Smoking in the room is strictly prohibited. A fabric cleaning fee will be applied in the event of non-compliance with this prohibition up to BRL 300 per stay.
  • In any case, smoking cigars is prohibited.



  • Casa do Amarelindo guests may leave their luggage in the lobby in the closed room designed for this purpose.



  • Casa do Amarelindo is equipped with safety cameras. In addition, doormen are surveying the hotel entrance round the clock. To avoid any problems when visiting the city, you should not walk around with any values or external signs of wealth, especially in crowded places and on the beach. Yet, the use of cameras and video cameras in touristic areas, in particular in Pelourinho, is quite common and normally without any risk.